Without our team of super talented, passionate, and dedicated volunteers, CIFF simply couldn't get off the ground! We are very thankful to have worked with so many fantastic film fans over the years. 

This year, due to COVID-19 related restrictions, we'll be running a streamlined program that includes fewer numbers of volunteers, but we are accepting new volunteers in 2021. 

Volunteer Vaccination Policy

We have been hearing from many of you about your concerns for health and safety as we ramp up to festival time, and we have determined that the best strategy is to ensure that CIFF personnel who are coming into the office or onto the festival site (including (employees, core contractors, preferred vendors, volunteers and board of directors) during the 2021 festival are fully vaccinated (and past the appropriate waiting period for full efficacy).

If you are required to be, or plan to be, present on any CIFF 2021 festival site, and/or in any venue or workspace, including the CIFF office, during the festival (September 23 - October 3, 2021), we respectfully ask that your provide documentation confirming your vaccination status with us. You can provide proof of vaccination by sending your MyAlberta Digital ID confirmation, or any paperwork your pharmacist provided you at the time of vaccination, to Sam Lee, Operations Coordinator (volunteer@ciffcalgary.ca). If you are not comfortable sending over email, please let us know and we will arrange a time for you to come by our office to verify your vaccination status in person.  Please note that we will not store your vaccination documentation.  Once you have been  verified, we will permanently delete that document from our records

Should you choose not to be vaccinated (due to exemption or otherwise) or choose not to share your vaccination status, we understand, we will be happy to put you on the list for next year’s festival!

2021 Volunteer Roles

There are 3 primary crews for the 2021 festival, though there may be volunteer opportunities outside of these three crews. 

Venue Crew

Venue Crew Volunteers are right in the middle of the action! This is our biggest and busiest crew, with dozens of volunteers cycling through it during the festival. From greeting patrons and scanning tickets to tidying cinemas and directing guests, venue volunteers do everything a festival venue requires day to day and so much more.

Green Crew 

Your objective is to ensure our audiences are welcomed into an inviting space by tidying and sanitizing the cinema after each screening, and tidy the lobby and other spaces as necessary. This crew is equally fast paced and fun, particularly at Eau Claire, with lots of time to socialize with other volunteers. 

Screen Leads

Screen leads take over where venue crew hand off, at the cinema doors. Screen leads are an elite crew who are scheduled based on the film schedule, and are in charge of ensuring timely film starts, communicating with projection and reporting concerns to the venue coordinators, as well as watching the films to identify any visual or audio anomalies and tidying the cinema in between screenings.

Volunteer Perks

Volunteers who volunteer during the festival must complete a minimum of 16 hours from September 22-October 4. For those completing more hours may be eligible for additional perks in the form of General Admission vouchers.

All volunteers completing the minimum number of hours receive a Volunteer Pass which grants access to all virtual screenings, and rush access to in person screenings (subject to capacity). 


New volunteers

Thank you so much for everyone who as reached out, new volunteer sign up is now closed for the 2021 festival. If you have already filled in the volunteer form, our volunteer team will be getting back to you soon about shifts.

Returning volunteers

Returning volunteers should have received an email with an attached form already. If you haven't received this email, please reach out to volunteer@ciffcalgary.ca



Email Sam at volunteer@ciffcalgary.ca

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