Route30 Too

Route 30, Too!

Year 2012
Runtime 95 mins
Language English
Canadian Premiere
Director John Putch is scheduled to attend.There's a stretch of Route 30 in South Central Pennsylvania that's been haunted for generations by a spirit known as the White Woman. Appearing to drivers as a wailing spectre on that lonely road, no one knows quite what she wants—but lately she seems none-too-happy about the UFO that's parked itself in the middle of her forest. As any good UFOlogist knows, ghosts and aliens don't get along. A zany twist on the conspiracy laden world of X-Files, Route 30, Too! picks up as two members of New York State's Unusual Occurrence and Paranormal Society arrive to investigate the mysterious goings on. When the local colour includes the likes of overzealous Deer Hunter Bob, money-hungry huckster Rotten Egg and a suddenly Spanish convenience store clerk named Chicky, spotting the alien will be no easy task.


United States
John Putch
John Putch
John Putch
Keith J. Duggan
John Putch
Alexander Baker
Dan Poole, Curtis Armstrong, Robert Romanus