How Do You Write a Joe Schermann

How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song

Year 2012
Runtime 104 mins
Language English
Canadian Premiere

How do you choose between the love of your life and your muse? That is the choice faced by Joe Schermann, who plays himself in this musical drama from writer-director Gary King. After moving to New York to make it big on Broadway, Joe is given a chance to write songs for an Off-Broadway musical. But who to cast? His girlfriend Evey (Christina Rose), or the alluring Summer (Debbie Williams), whose vocals give new life to Joe's words?

A love letter to the golden days of Hollywood musicals, King grounds Schermann's catchy songs in a realistic relationship drama. With Broadway razzle-dazzle and more intimate moments, How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song reimagines a neglected genre for 21st century audiences.


United States
Gary King
Executive Producer
Edward Bishop, Marcus Wolf
Gary King, Sujata King, Christina Rose
Gary King
Gary King
Gary King
Kenneth Lampl
Joe Schermann, Christina Rose, Debbie Williams