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Industry Week


Runtime 45 mins
Event Details
Sep 26
11:00 AM Brüch Bar
Sep 26
11:00 AM Video On Demand
Experience the variety of industry professionals working and thriving in Alberta. You don’t need to leave this province to have a world-class career. There are numerous paths into this industry and a plethora of positions and skill sets that are required. Learn from those who mastered their craft while calling Alberta home and get inspired to do the same. This conversation will be led by Damien Petti, President of IATSE Local 212, and include a collection of knowledgeable IATSE members living and working in Alberta: Lighting technician Amelia Doescher, custome designer Jayna Mansbridge and production designer Trevor Smith.

Speakers are subject to change without notice.

In-person Industry Week events are available to Industry Pass holders only. The deadline to apply for an Industry Pass was September 17. All other guests may view the live stream / VOD for $13.50.


26 1100 Damian Petti v2

Damian Petti

IATSE Local 212
Damian has been a Vice President of the 150,000 member IATSE since 2003. He has worked as a technical director, production manager, sound technician, lighting designer, and grip. In 1998, Petti was elected President of IATSE Local 212 in Calgary. He graduated from the Mount Royal University theatre program with a specialization in production and has continued his studies at the University of Calgary. He is the current Chair of the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Action Committee (ASIAC)
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Trevor Smith

IATSE Local 212
As one of Calgary's leading production designers and storytellers, Trevor Smith is a leader in Alberta's creative motion picture industries -- and hard as hell to pin down. He prides himself on being versatile, creatively restless, and dedicated. Working with clients as varied as Focus Features, Universal Studios/NBC, Paramount/CBS, HBO, Scfy, CBC, Lifetime, Hallmark, and Discovery, Trevor has carved a name for himself as an imaginative and diplomatic problem solver -- a fierce cinephile, always ready to make something more visually powerful than it sits on the page.
26 1100 Amelia Doescher 2

Amelia Doescher

IATSE Local 212
Amelia grew up in pre-‘88 winter Olympic Canmore, but spent her graduating year in Golden, BC where she had her first taste of filmmaking through a course offered through the local high school. Fast forward five years of waitressing in Calgary and a handful of aptitude tests later, she finds herself as a card carrying union projectionist. From there, mostly thanks to IATSE 212, she was lucky to be welcomed into the Calgary theatre lighting scene and was eventually drawn back into filmmaking. A world she’s had the privilege of being an active part of since 2007.
26 1100 Jayna Mansbridge

Jayna Mansbridge

IATSE Local 212
Jayna is a Costume Designer for Film and Television based in Calgary, Alberta. Some of Jayna’s recent credits include COPSHOP, BOSS LEVEL (Hulu), POINT BLANK (Netflix), and JOE PICKETT (Paramount TV). Jayna graduated from Western University with a MA in Comparative Literature and the University of Toronto with a MA in Medieval Studies. She reads and writes in several languages including: Latin, Greek, Old English and Middle High German. It’s her love of history and languages that got her into the business – her first film job was working as a historical language consultant for a History Channel series.