Posted on October 15, 2021

In partnership with YYC Media Lab, CIFF was thrilled to welcome a variety of talented local podcasters to the first-ever CIFF Podcast Studio to help bring the festival's stories to life! Our guest podcasters set up in Eau Claire Market in our Podcast Studio and had in-depth conversations with filmmakers to dissect an exciting range of festival and film industry-related topics.

Relive the magic of CIFF 2021 with these stellar podcast episodes, recorded on-site during the 22nd Calgary International Film Festival!


Kyle and Dave vs the Machine

Interviewing Ben Epstein, director of BUCK ALAMO

“Live from the Calgary International Film Festival! Kyle and Dave sit down with director Ben Epstein to talk about cowboys, dreams, and poems.”



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Film Rage

Interviewing Rob Jabbaz, director of THE SADNESS

“This week's session is with Rob Jabbaz, the writer/director of THE SADNESS, which Rue Morgue called, 'The most violent and depraved zombie movie ever made.'"



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Flicks XRayed

Interviewing Stephen Campanelli, director of DRINKWATER

“Host Tony is joined by co-hosts Natasha and Sarah and a very special guest director Stephen Campanelli. Tune in as we discuss at length with Stephen about making DRINKWATER, working with Clint Eastwood, Canadian Cinema, and so much more.”



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YYC Sociables

Interviewing Philippe Grégoire, director of THE NOISE OF ENGINES

“In this episode, you'll hear a short life update and a CIFF interview with filmmaker Philippe Grégoire”




The Breakfast Dish

Interview Emily Renner Wallace, director of GOD LADY & Matt McKinney, director of GOING TO THE CHAPEL

“This week Karen and Griffin are joined by Emily Renner Wallace & Matt McKinney, two amazing filmmakers showcased at the Calgary International Film Festival. Emily is the director behind GOD LADY, and Matt is the writer and director behind GOING TO THE CHAPEL.”



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Three Kitchens Podcast

Reviewing the film JULIA

“Recorded in the Podcast Studio on-site at the Calgary International Film Festival, we're reviewing the film JULIA - a documentary chronicling the amazing life of Julia Child. It was a real treat for us and we hope you'll listen. Bon Appetit!”



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Get Checkered

Interviewing Guy Lavallee, Programmer at CIFF

“In this special episode of 'Get Checkered', the girls had the amazing opportunity to sit down and discuss film and film festivals with Guy Lavallee, a programmer with the Calgary International Film Festival. We go over what makes a good film vs a great film, the benefits of the festival circuit, some CIFF history, and F1/motorsport in film.”



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Parde Ke Peeche (PKP) Podcast 

Interviewing Brenda Lieberman, Lead Programmer at CIFF

“In this special episode, PKP went live at the Calgary International Film Festival! Lead Programmer Brenda Lieberman sat down with Ankur and Raeesa to chat about the festival and the two Indian films - DUG DUG and LAST PICTURE SHOW.”



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Interviewing Anna Baumgarten, director of DISFLUENCY

“Welcome to a very special BONUS episode of Repodcasting! Lucia had the opportunity to sit down with filmmaker Anna Baumgarten at this year's Calgary International Film Festival for a great chat about her first feature film, DISFLUENCY, that played at the festival. DISFLUENCY was based on Anna Baumgarten's short film of the same name, which you can watch here



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Anticulture with Josiah Sinanan 

Interviewing Shaun Crawford, director of HERE & AFTER

“Join anticulture host Josiah Sinanan, live at the 22nd annual Calgary International Film Festival. In this special bonus episode, Josiah sits down on premiere night with local filmmaker Shaun Crawford as they discuss his film, HERE & AFTER, as well as the local film scene in Calgary at this iconic event.”





I Don’t Get It

Interviewing Kyle Marshall, podcaster.

Link to Podcast: Coming soon!



Interviewing Asim Overstands, producer of MEAN HAKEEM

Link to Podcast: Coming soon!


My City Speaks To Me

Interviewing Steve Schroeder, CIFF’s Executive Director

Link to Podcast: Coming soon!


The RebelRebel Podcast

Interviewing Luke Azevedo, Vice President, Creative Industries & Film Commissioner at Calgary Economic Development

Link to Podcast: Coming soon!

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